Fundraising Mastery Coaching

Our Fundraising Mastery system is built on seven principals critical to fundraising success: Mission, Model, Message, Method, Money, Maintenance, and Momentum. The system is designed to help small and mid-sized nonprofits, with or without the help of dedicated development staff, create an approach to fundraising that brings the organization both short-term success and long-term sustainability.

That last part is key. Short-term success –the objective of most fundraisers – is not enough. We want to see your organization’s mission and impact expand year after year, and believe Fundraising Mastery is a key component of that goal.

There are two key components of our Fundraising Mastery service:

1.We assess your present condition via our fundraising readiness assessment.  The purpose of this assessment is to uncover any roadblocks or hurdles facing the organization that could potentially hinder you from raising money (leadership, strategic weaknesses, threats, etc.)  If there are issues that need to be addressed prior to raising money, we will help you address those issues.  The second purpose is to estimate how much money you potentially could raise in a fiscal year. Third, we create the framework for a fundraising plan.

2.Once we have assessed your organization and created the fundraising plan template, we’ll partner with you to implement the plan – walking alongside your staff and board as an advisor and guide as you fund your mission. At times, we are hired as an interim director of development – directing your fundraising activities, working with internal staff while acquiring external expertise as needed (grants, events, direct communication, etc.)

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